AfZine Advertising Role, Types, Specs, and Rates

There are two different formats of advertising; Afghan Hound Web Page Ads (basic ad is free) and Banner (Business Card) Ads. Rates for Banner Ads will vary depending primarily upon placement (in an issue or in retained reference areas), type, and degree of preparation required from us.



Afghan Hound Web Page Ads

The Afghan Hound Web Page Ads will be full web pages containing only one person's ad. That page may contain both pictures and script as desired by the advertiser within the bounds of good taste (as determined by us). The placement of the ad is free of charge when supplied to us as a link (to a page on another site) or supplied as code and graphics (and modest in size) that we can simply copy to our server page. The ads will be placed (as received) at the top of the master list page very similar to those you may be familiar with on AfghansOnline. They will not expire (while accessible to each issue, they are not tied to a particular AfZine issue). Individuals are currently limited to 4 ads per month. Memorial and Litter Ads will be added to those lists in addition to the master list free of charge

We will prepare simple to complex design layouts for a fee on a "quote" basis.

A new twist, once a month an advertiser may pay a small fee to move an existing ad to the top of any list it has been added to. The Move Up charge for each list is a seperate transaction.

Afghan Hound Web Page Ad MoveUp or List Description Change
Move Existing Ad to top of List (Move Up)*
Add to Additional Lists
Change Description Line in List

One final (for now) new twist will be the advent of a number of auxillary lists rather than just one. Each ad placed will appear in the master list and, if requested, secondary lists for a modest additional charge (except no additional charge for memorial of litter ads). Examples of a secondary list are: one for new litters, one for new champions, one for dogs at stud, etc. These lists may be pruned of older ads but the ad itself will remain on the master list.

* Each ad may be moved to the top of the list only once in 30 days. Move Ups will be done on or near to the first day of the month. If more than one Move Up has been ordered, they will be ordered so that the earliest moveup paid for is at the top of those involved.

Banner Ads (aka Business Card Ads)

Banner (Business Card) Ads are graphic images that are imbedded on a web page along with other content like a navigation page or an article. Such ads will remain there as long as AfZine exists. Space on each page is limited in availability and is on a first come first serve basis. Banner ads on the 'home' page are limited in availability and subject to charges which must be negotiated outside the terms established here.

The Banner (Business Card) Ad may contain anything the advertiser desires (we do reserve the right to judge appropriateness to the community or to the requested placement) and can be hot linked to a destination specified by the advertiser (such as their web site). Examples of the sizes available are illustrated below.

. . .. . .

Banner Ad Rates


90 w
180 w
360 w

At the moment, we are restricted to taking payment via PayPal or snail mail. More details to follow.

Special Note: During the initial development of the site structure and issue (issue zero) format, those placing paid Banner Ads will be entitled to one additional banner ad of the same size.