This page contains a list of all reported litters with key information so that you can follow the progress of the litter and contact the breeder (if the breeder desires) regarding that litter.

Key information needed when submitting your litter:

There is NO charge for this. If you have or are planning a litter that you want to list here, submit it giving the info above.) .. . . . . . . . . . . .... . . . . .. Submit a Litter

The List

Kennel Sire Due/Whelp Date
# / sex
Ad Link
Principles Dam status
email Ph
AnamCaraCu Ch MyWay One for My Baby Tristar
3 D / 2 B
AfghansOnline and AfZine Ad
Deb & Ric Allan Sterling's Anam Cara
1 or 2 D
on request