The following is the central index for competition reports and records. Once we have a competiton editor, the facets of this department will be expanded to address the communities needs and desires on this subject.

The Reports/Results

Afghan Hound Club of America
  2012 Specialty Schedule and Results (Coming Soon)
  2011 Specialty Results
  2010 Specialty Results
  2009 Specialty Results
  2008 Specialty Results
  2007 Specialty Results
  2006 Specialty Results
Afghan Hound Times Searchable Results Database
Afghan Agility
Afghan Hound Racing (AHI - UK/USA/Finland)
American Kennel Club
  Conformation Standing through 3/2010
  Conformation Standing through 4/2010
German Competition Results (afghanen.de)
Lure Coursing (AHI)
United Kingdom Show Results Menu (AHI)