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One key to a successful web site (well THE key to achieve what we hope to accomplish) is traffic (visitors). We want you to come and share your experiences and knowledge.

We also want you to enjoy your visits and have many reasons to stop by and check things out. To spice things up, we will from time to time conduct contests. These contests will have prizes... primarily free ad Move Ups for you to use as you wish, email boxes, and perhaps other items that may be donated to the cause.

Take a look at the First Contest announced in this issue.

Your ideas and comments on this effort are solicited.

and Rewards

The ultimate success or failure of this site will rest on the participation of those who frequent it and their satisfaction with the content they find. No one person has all the answers and even the answers they have are usually not the only way to accomplish something or the only way to interpret a situation. The intent of this site is to bring you as much information and as many different viewpoints as possible, BUT.... we need your ideas and opinions to do so.

For each article you contribute (in electronic/file form), you will receive two free Web Page Move Ups. If it is published, you will receive (additionally) four free Web Page Move Ups or one Email account.

Other contributions will be rewarded in a similar way as appropriate.

and Beyond That

As the site develops, we will need department specific editors. People with a lot more knowledge in a subject area than I have and thus one with a better insight into how to best present it. These people will have a wide latitude of operational freedom to help further develop the site into something the community needs and will use. Their charge will be to build a department that augments (not replaces) what currently exists in the community and help tie it all together. Their compensation will be at least 10% more than mine (mine is ZERO) plus other items (perhaps free ads???) and the satisfaction of knowing that they are contributing to the breed. . . .Volunteer to work on AfZine

* We reserve the right to discount submissions if (in our opinion) the submitter is flooding the contest with entries that are intended only to garner free ads.

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